Thursday, July 21, 2011

Answer to Prayer

Yesterday I received an answer to one of my prayers.  I have been sewing at our kitchen island and using a bar stool.  It was working out ok, but not the best situation given the amount of sewing I do for my business.  A few months ago it was brought up that I might receive my grandma's sewing table.  But as it turned out, my parents didn't have room in their SUV with all of the other things they were bringing back from CA that were hers.  So I continued to offer this up in prayer. 

One of my mom's club friends offered an old desk for free and I jumped when I received the email.  It took some fixing, but my husband is very handy.  He had to attach brackets so that it would not collapse on me.  And he even cut out a space in the back so I can reach the outlet easily.  How thoughtful!

I love my new work space and am looking forward to spending lots of hours sewing.  I am now able to teach my oldest to sew and hopefully will be able to add teaching to my business.

So thankful!


  1. Just another testimony of God's love for us. He cares and He provides. Happy sewing and have a blessed weekend!

  2. Oh I love it when God answers my prayers. What a thoughtful thing your husband did making it more comfortable for you. Have fun sewing and teaching your Little Bit how to sew!

  3. What an amazing God we serve! Following... :) God bless!

  4. Having your own space to create truly is a blessing...
    I am still working on mine but I love it!
    I already follow so just stopping by to say hello and to hope you had a blessed weekend.