Monday, September 12, 2011

Warrior Prayers Day 7

Today's topic, purity, may seem a little premature for my little ones, however with access to the internet and cable, it is even more important that we start as early as possible not only shielding their eyes and ears, but training them to steer away from such temptations.  "Be careful little eyes what you see".  It is things like this that make me want to remove the TV and computer from our home, along with any movies and music that are working against what I want to teach my sons.  Everyone has their own opinion of the Duggars, but I really like the way their children behave and are focused on pleasing God and their parents.  Everyone gets along (and I don't think it is just for the camera).  They have no outside influences that can steal their hearts and turn them away from what their parents have tried so hard to teach them.  With that said, I realize not all of us can live in isolation with a house full of kids to play with and both parents at home all day.  Not everyone has the opportunity to home school and even home church.  My sons are being put out into the world at such young ages.  So my job as mom is to train them now to recognize evil and run from it. 

I pray that as we pray through today's prayers for purity, we will see a definite change in our sons' hearts toward serving God and recognizing things right away that are not pleasing to Him.

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