Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warrior Prayers Day 9

I've been thinking of ways to teach our sons to honor others.  They will be presented with many opportunities in their lives, such as holding a door open, giving up their seat, or letting someone else go before them.  Simple acts of kindness.  Then there is the command to "honor his father and mother".  For some reason this is a huge problem in our house.  Currently a favorite toy has been in time-out and will remain there until a certain someone learns to show respect to his mother.  For three days in a row there must not be any trouble.  So far that is not happening.  Even just now, as I am writing this, I have had to stop to "remind" him that he is to get dressed for school.  His interpretation of that is to stand in the hall and bark at the dog.  "Honoring his mother"?  Not yet.  So we have lots of work to do.  Boy, as I pray through these I am being shown area after area of character traits that are severely lacking. 

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