Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warrior Prayers Day Three

As I read Brooke's instructions for today I was convicted of something that is lacking in my parenting.  How often, way too often, I am quick to point out what my boys are doing wrong.  "You hit your brother AGAIN!"  "I thought you were supposed to be picking up your toys."  And the list goes on.  How much more effective I may be if I spend even half the time praising.  Little boys are not much different from grown men in that they thrive on praise.  Why do you think they want to be superheros so badly?  They love to come to the rescue, but are highly motivated by encouragement from us.  My husband is constantly reminding me of this.  And I am constantly forgetting it. 

Our sons obedience will be reinforced by our praise and encouragement much more than constantly nagging them or shaming them.  Sounds simple and obvious.  And I know how easy it is to get into the mode of being frustrated by the negative things they do over and over and over again.  As parents, Godly parents especially, we have the role of setting the example of holding our tongue, stepping back, and looking for the good that our children are doing.  Focus on that and I bet the rewards will come. 

As I am writing this I am most definitely reminding myself to do this.  Hopefully through praying for our sons' obedience we will see not only a change in their hearts, but a change in ours.

Let's remember to pray for their submission to their teachers as well as future bosses.  The groundwork we lay down now will pay off in later years.

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