Monday, September 12, 2011

Warrior Prayers Day 8

Today we will pray for our sons to have servant's hearts.  I have always loved giving.  Often I round up clothes and house things that we are no longer using and give to Good Will.  This week I was asked if I could help out the fire victims around Austin.  I told my 7 year old about this and asked if he would like to help by donating some of his toys.  This was his cue to place importance on everything he owed.  I would never ask him to give away his most favorite toys, but rather some that he no longer uses.  For some reason he could not part with anything and was most upset that I had asked.  As I rounded up my kitchen things to donate I was saddened that he had this attitude.  Had I created this in him somehow?  Or have I just not trained him enough in the joy of giving?  I ended up showing him the boxes I collected, but that still made no difference to him. 

On another note, his servant's heart is not developed at home.  Whenever I ask him to help me clean, most importantly his toys and clothes, his response is always something like "I didn't make that mess", "I don't know where anything goes", "I don't know how", or my favorite "I'm too tired,  you have to help me".  So today's prayers are another uphill battle for me.  Another exhausting challenge to overcome.  Another area where my sons really need God's hand guiding them to become more like Him.

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